As a result of your consistent fasting, praying and faith in God, here's a sneak peak at what God has done in others lives.


Good morning midwife and DP protege's. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers. After we had our coding round table that Monday I was scheduled for cataract surgery. I only had about 25% vision in my left eye and 60% in my right eye. When I got on the table and was given the anesthetic they did the exam only to find out the cataracts were smaller than before and they could not be removed due to the size. What they did find was the sarcoidosis now in both eyes. Medication (God is the creator of all things including mefication) was prescribed and my vision is almost back to normal. I now magnify the screen at 125% unlike before at 225% to 250%. Thank God for healing and a cancelled procedure! I love you all.

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