T.E.E.M. is the acronym for Training, Equipping, Empowering Ministries. It is designed to make the world a better place in which to live by transforming ministries and lives through the Power of Jesus Christ, education and training. Here's how T.E.E.M. affects the world: It:

1. Equips the body of Christ that it may come into full spiritual maturity.

2. Empowers and equips ministry leaders, lay Christians and all participants with the spiritual knowledge, and guidance needed to promote the vision God has placed on their lives, the church and or ministry in which they serve. It teaches leaders how to develop balance in their lives, enhances and improves their leadership skills and abilities and empowers leaders and lay Christians to serve in excellence!

3. Ministers to the believer's life wholistically-that is Spiritually; Mentally: Provides guidance on maintaining a healthy mind; Physically: Educates and promote proper nutrition and good health so as to have a greater quality of life now and in the future, and Socially: Gives strategies of restoration for familial and other valuable relationships that are suffering from brokenness, division, and un-forgiveness.

4. Assists attendees in discerning their own uniqueness, specific God-given talents and purpose for which they were created so that they can MAKE THEIR MARK IN THE WORLD POSITIVELY!

5. T.E.E.M. affects positive change within individuals, families, communities, workplace and the world-at-large. T.E.E.M accomplishes its mission through the T.E.E.M. workshop which is held annually.