What Do We Believe?

1. We believe in the Eternal God of the universe. We believe that He is self-existent, self-sustaining, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We believe that the Eternal God is the only One and True living God and that aside from Him, there is no other true, living God that exist.

2. We believe in the Eternal Godhead which consist of God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit. The Godhead is defined as the Trinity. This expresses the three-fold nature of God. We further believe that although God's nature is three-fold, He is yet one God and not three.

3. We believe that God is the Creator of the universe. He is the Maker and Ruler of all things. We believe that God is the Supreme Being of mankind and all that encompasses humanity. He is the all-sufficient One for all humanity and the entire universe. He is our Heavenly Father.

4. We believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. He is the mediator between both God and man. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, the Father.

5. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He came into this world to save all humanity from their sins; and to redeem and reconcile all humanity back to God. We believe that through the shedding of His blood, and death on the cross, Christ redeemed and reconciled mankind back to God, the Father.

6. We believe in resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus remained in the grave for three days and on the third day was resurrected from the dead with all power in His hand. We further believe that He is alive, and now is seated at the right of God in Heaven, interceding for us.

7. We believe that one day Jesus Christ is coming back to earth to rapture all of us (Christians true-to heart) out of this world and we will be with Him forever.

8. We believe that every human being was born into sin and shaped in iniquity. This condition separates us from God and we become is enemies. This is the purpose of Salvation. This is why we need a Savior who can save us from God's wrath, the power of sin and Satan, the power of condemnation and death. With this being said we believe in Salvation, that it was made possible by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. We believe that Jesus Christ has delivered us from the power and penalty of sin. We believe that everyone in the world has sinned, and that the penalty for sin is death. However, we can all be forgiven of our sins by God if we admit that we are sinners, confess our sins and repent of our sins, coupled with believing all that Jesus has done to make Salvation possible. (Romans 10:9, the Holy Bible).

9. We believe the Bible to be the only, true written word of God and He speaks through it daily to mankind to lead and guide us into righteous living, a right relationship with Him and others and the GREATER LIFE!

10. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity. We believe that He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ, sanctifying and working the salvation/redemption process in all believers.

11. We believe in prayer and the power of prayer

12. We believe in Eternal Life. We believe that only Jesus Christ can offer eternal life-a life all believers will receive upon physical death.

13. We believe in both Heaven and Hell.

14. We believe in giving back to our societies, communities, churches, schools, etc, for the betterment of all. We further believe in giving back so as to make this world a better place in which to live.