It all began with a dream, a burden and vision!  A dream placed deeply within the soul and spirit of Wendy Mitchell by the One, True Living God, the Creator of the Universe.

The Dream:  Millions of souls to experience and live a GREATER LIFE than they've ever lived.

The Burden:   A burden for aiding women in discovering, pursuing, taking hold of and living out their dreams and God-given destiny.  Such a burden ranges from the misunderstood woman to the unique woman who considers herself to be "NOT AVERAGE" to the woman who sees her life as worthless, meaningless and non purposeful.

The Vision:  To see broken families WHOLE & HEALTHY!  

That dream, that burden and vision all were manifested in the year 2007 through the birthing of Wendy Mitchell Ministries, Inc.(WMMI).  Founded and established on October 11, 2007, WMMI is a faith-based organization whose beliefs, faith and principles rests firmly and solely on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the written Word of God, the Holy Bible.